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  • Shophouses at Katong, Singapore

    written by hotmailwanderluste on 2009-09-22 #places
    Shophouses at Katong, Singapore

    Singapore may not have Gaudi or Gehry, but we've managed to hang on to some of our heritage architecture.

  • Katong Katong! (Singapore)

    written by sumlom on 2009-03-20 #places
    Katong Katong! (Singapore)

    It was once a sea side town. Katong was once a prestigious residential area located at the east of Singapore near the seafront, but due to land shortage, the land has already been reclaimed all the way to east coast park.

  • Katong, Singapore

    written by dotdotdot on 2010-03-04 #places
    Katong, Singapore

    Katong is a residential area in the east of Singapore near the seafront. Formerly located by the sea, land was reclaimed all the way to East Coast Park to provide more land for housing and recreational purposes due to shortage of land in the late 1960s.