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  • Lomo Everywhere in London

    written by frawley33 on 2010-07-28 #places
    Lomo Everywhere in London

    After taking it easy on a Saturday night, I decided to get on my bike early on a Sunday morning and see London as i never have before, desolate and peaceful. Loaded with my little Holga 135bc and a few rolls of film, I rode around London's quiet streets and shot away.

  • Into the Still Life: Pinhole Landscapes by Benjamin Postlewait

    written by cheeo on 2013-10-18
    Into the Still Life: Pinhole Landscapes by Benjamin Postlewait

    It’s fascinating to think that a simple wooden box can be used to capture fleeting moments and immortalize them in prints. Photography enthusiast Benjamin Postlewait captures these moments and places in his life that is worth seeing as he takes on pinhole photography and uses it to capture soothing and euphoric photos.

  • Why Shoot 4 When You Can Shoot 8?

    written by gm_mcleod on 2011-06-09 #gear
    Why Shoot 4 When You Can Shoot 8?

    While the ActionSampler, and the SuperSampler, are great cameras, why shoot 4 photos with the click of a single button when you can shoot 8?

  • A World Behind the Scene

    written by webo29 on 2011-07-15 #news
    A World Behind the Scene

    From Fellini to Tim Burton, FNAC Alicante presents 40 years of photographs by Mary Ellen Mark.

  • Supersampler: Keeping It Still

    written by amytam on 2012-07-05
    Supersampler: Keeping It Still

    There are many fun ways that you can use the Supersampler and techniques such as moving the camera or taking a photo of a moving subject is popular amongst lomographers. However, my preferred technique is to keep the camera still. Keep reading to find out why!