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  • Best of Lomography 2015

    2015-12-27 #news
    Best of Lomography 2015

    Let's take a look back at the most memorable photographs shared in the community last year.

  • Trending LomoHomes of 2015

    2015-12-31 #news
    Trending LomoHomes of 2015

    All throughout the year, the community had been an endless source of inspiration for photography projects, photo shoot ideas, and radical experiments. In the front line of such creative endeavors are these passionate lomographers who never cease to amaze us with their impressive snapshots and innovative concepts. We proudly present the most trending LomoHomes of 2015.

  • Trending Albums of 2015

    2015-12-28 #news
    Trending Albums of 2015

    When words are not enough to tell a fascinating tale, one turns to well-organized photo albums to fill in the details.

  • Top Photo Uploaders of 2015

    2015-12-30 #news
    Top Photo Uploaders of 2015

    Most of the community's activities and discussions center on photographs. All throughout 2015, we were treated to hundreds of thousands of wonderful images. We'd like to thank everyone who graciously uploaded and shared their snapshots with the community! These dedicated lomographers, however, deserve special recognition for setting these skyrocketing numbers. Meet our top photo uploaders of 2015.

  • Trending Newcomers of 2015

    2015-12-30 #news
    Trending Newcomers of 2015

    2015 is one eventful year for Lomography and the entire community. Not only did we get to move into a brand new website, welcome fresh and exciting products, and be part of each other's analog adventures, we also had the chance to meet these amazing and talented newbies. Let's all give a loud round of applause for our most popular newcomers of 2015!

  • Top Photo Likers of 2015

    2015-12-29 #news
    Top Photo Likers of 2015

    All year round, these lomographers had spread the analog love one click at a time.

  • Top Shoutbox Users of 2015

    2015-12-28 #news
    Top Shoutbox Users of 2015

    The shoutbox is an open space for lomographers to interact with fellows from across the globe, air their honest opinions and suggestions, share interesting news, and promote their work (especially with the photo-sharing feature introduced last year!). And keeping it filled with entertaining conversations are these chatty lomographers. Meet the top shoutbox users of 2015.

  • Trending LomoKino Movies of 2015

    2015-12-29 #news #videos
    Trending LomoKino Movies of 2015

    Creating a movie, no matter how short it is, requires an extra effort. For it to be coherent, one must stay focused throughout the entire process - from planning the story, shooting the scenes, to editing the clips. We'd like to commend these lomographers for taking an extra step to keep the spirit of analog movie making alive!