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  • Which Smena? A Comparison of the 8M, Symbol, and 35

    written by adam_g2000 on 2012-06-04 #gear
    Which Smena? A Comparison of the 8M, Symbol, and 35

    There are three types of Smena that are readily available, the 8M, the Symbol and the 35. This comparison helps to make the choice of which one to get a little simpler.

  • Lost Symbols User Rumble

    written by shhquiet on 2010-10-26 #news
    Lost Symbols User Rumble

    Now we're back with another user rumble! Are you ready for the next challenge? This week is all about signs and symbols. You think this is easy? Our previous rumble winner 007-0815-styler suggests it should be obscure, or maybe a little historical ...

  • Lomo Smena Symbol: A Wonderful Lens!

    written by adam_g2000 on 2012-08-24 #gear
    Lomo Smena Symbol: A Wonderful Lens!

    This camera has a wonderful lens, I liken it to the Olympus Trip 35. How does the rest of the camera fare? Overweight tank or heavyweight contender? Find out in this review!

  • Lomo Smena Symbol

    written by specialblewah on 2008-11-08 #gear
    Lomo Smena Symbol

    One of the most rare and easily the most handsome Smena of all time. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping color saturation and contrast. Manual aperture, shutter, and focus settings. Sturdy all-metal construction feels solid and smells amazing! A flash hotshoe and weather-symbol-guided exposure wrap up the package. Made at Lomo PLC in the former USSR

  • An Elderly Russian meets Lomography Earl Grey

    written by placidcasua1 on 2011-12-12 #gear
    An Elderly Russian meets Lomography Earl Grey

    A vintage Zenit 12 gets an outing with a roll of Lomography's Earl Grey. The deep blacks, bright whites, and every shade of grey in between that the film produces perfectly match the experience of shooting with the veteran Russian heavyweight.

  • First Film Through My Smena After 25 Years

    written by placidcasua1 on 2011-08-25 #gear
    First Film Through My Smena After 25 Years

    After 25 years, my Lomo Smena Symbol gets a film through it and becomes my everyday Lomography partner.

  • Deadstock Tale by grimbyname: Smena Symbol

    written by pan_dre on 2008-09-16 #news
    Deadstock Tale by grimbyname: Smena Symbol

    In the summer of 2006, while doing a bit of mindless web wandering, I discovered the weird and wonderful community of film-addicted lomographers, and wanted to join in. Looking through the homes and shop, while waiting for a Fisheye 2 to arrive, it didn't take me long to discover that I already possessed a bona-fide lomographic Russian deadstock tool, a Symbol bought for me by my father in the early eighties. He was a keen amateur photographer, owning both Zenit and Praktica SLRs, a Zorki 4K rangefinder, all with a variety of lenses, and his own black and white darkroom kit too. For some reason he'd decided to buy a Symbol each for me and my mother, most probably because they were cheap, about £8 if I remember correctly. I already had a Fed 4 (a 'proper' camera with coupled rangefinder and built-in light meter) that my parents had bought me for being a smart lad for passing my 11-plus exam for the grammar school, so the Symbol, UK branded as Cosmic rather than Smena, saw little use, and I don't even know if any pics remain from its early days. Smena means 'Young Generation', which is when I first became acquainted with the Symbol. Cosmic sounds rather fantastical, spacey even, or perhaps an exclamation from a zoned-out hippy. No matter, I'm not afraid to admit to having been all those things at one time or another. And the photographic evidence of much of that is hopefully locked in a secure vault somewhere. Anyway, I digress.

  • Smena Symbol: Easy and Quick!

    written by kingdjin on 2012-06-28 #gear
    Smena Symbol: Easy and Quick!

    Have you found one of this but you are not so convinced? Read more about it and see some photos after the jump!

  • WANTED: symbol suggestions for LGS Antwerp

    written by mrmaart on 2012-06-13 #news
    WANTED: symbol suggestions for LGS Antwerp

    Belgian Lomographers – we need your help! The preparations for the Lomography Gallery Store Antwerp are being made and one of the tasks is to create an original store logo. Unique, original and Antwerp-worthy.

  • Croatian Harvest Festival

    written by novakmisi on 2011-11-07 #places
    Croatian Harvest Festival

    What does a Croatian Ethnographic Festival in Subotica, Serbia look like?

  • At the heart of Seoul

    written by deprofundis on 2012-03-27 #places
    At the heart of Seoul

    Like every city in the world, in Seoul city center, you can find the most important institutional buildings in the city, like the City Hall, and other business and commercial buildings. Among these tall modern structures, you can also find the most famous historic palaces in the city.