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  • The Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject

    written by vicuna on 2010-04-10 #news
    The Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject

    Armed with a bunch of Lomographic cameras, one of our busiest Lomographers - Vicuna - set out to initiate his very first Lomographic schoolproject in French Polynesia! He has been working as a History, Geography, and Civic Instruction in secondary school, and is now spreading the Lomo-love in "Lycée des îles sous le vent", in the city of Utoroa.

  • Lomography Oktomat

    written by ashdinosaur on 2011-10-12 #gear
    Lomography Oktomat

    A review of the eight-lensed wonder that is the Lomography Oktomat. Are 8 lenses too much, too little, or just right?

  • The Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject: an update

    written by vicuna on 2010-06-02 #news
    The Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject: an update

    We finally finished all the shooting sessions from the Raiatea Lomographic Schoolproject, and as promised in the previous post, here's an update of the lomographic production made by the first polynesian generation of lomographers!

  • Wright Park, Baguio City

    written by bluemie5 on 2009-06-21 #places
    Wright Park, Baguio City

    Wright Park is also located within the limits of the City of Baguio, Philippines. It is at the eastern part of the city and fronting the main gate of the Mansion. Its main features are a shallow elongated rectangular body of water known as the "Pool of Pines" and the park circle which is on one end of the park.

  • A Tale of Accidental Double Exposures

    written by antibiotyx on 2011-06-06
    A Tale of Accidental Double Exposures

    There’s no such thing as a mistake in analogue photography. When you focus your lens on a subject, you can never be wrong! Accidents are not bad; not all mistakes are wrong. Your intentions might not reflect on the actual photo, but that’s exactly what life is. It is random, unpredictable, exciting.

  • How to Use the Oktomat

    written by chooolss on 2014-07-27 #videos
    How to Use the Oktomat

    Just because it has eight lenses doesn't mean it's complicated to use. Watch a short tutorial for the Lomography Oktomat right after the jump!