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  • Me and the Dogs in Bergen aan Zee

    written by paramir on 2010-03-28 #places
    Me and the Dogs in Bergen aan Zee

    A dunes reserve on the beach - a beautiful spot to enjoy some Dutch nature.

  • The Living History - Bergen!

    written by lihooi on 2011-08-04 #places
    The Living History - Bergen!

    Bergen is an international town with small-town charm and atmosphere. The city is like a spectacular amphitheatre clambering up the mountain sides, overlooking the sea, embracing the tourists. Roaming through living history in this modern yet well-preserved 900 year-old city, this is the gateway to the wildest and loveliest fjords of Norway.

  • Bergen Bagels

    written by tommynorth on 2009-08-12 #places
    Bergen Bagels

    Bergen Bagels is a popular bagel shop in Brooklyn. It's so popular, that shops around the area claim that they sell Bergen Bagels. People line up for this fresh tasting bagels, especially on weekends.