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  • Reviews: Canon Prima Super 135 – Party On!

    written by uncle_jay on 2012-10-08 #gear
    Reviews: Canon Prima Super 135 – Party On!

    The Canon Prima Super 135, also known as the Sureshot Z135 in North America, is a pre-loved film camera that one of my relatives gave me last year. Here’s my take on this camera.

  • Petaling Street

    written by jhunnie on 2009-06-18 #places
    Petaling Street

    How to get to that place? You can reach Petaling Street by hiring taxis, or by boarding buses, trains from the city. It's very convenient!

  • Night Markets in Taiwan

    written by duringmyheyday on 2012-02-27 #places
    Night Markets in Taiwan

    Night markets in Taiwan are street markets that occupy either sidewalks or entire streets hawking street food, clothing, and other consumer goods.

  • Table for Two: Talad Rot Fai

    written by scrabbyknees on 2013-02-14 #places
    Table for Two: Talad Rot Fai

    If Chatuchak Market (aka JJ Market) is the 'die die must visit' weekend day market in Bangkok, then the nearby Talad Rot Fai takes the crown as the most unique 'indie' market that makes it the perfect date location.

  • Going Exploring at Bangkok!

    written by bao_wei on 2012-05-01 #places
    Going Exploring at Bangkok!

    It was my first trip to this city on April. I should say it is a really new culture for me. This city I am talking about now is Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the capital city and the largest urban area in Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon meaning "city of angels". Bangkok is the political, social, and economic center of Thailand, and one of the leading cities in Southeast Asia.

  • Jalan Reko's Downtown: A Must-Visit In Bangi

    written by analogmonolog on 2011-03-26 #places
    Jalan Reko's Downtown: A Must-Visit In Bangi

    So you're in Bangi in Selangor, Malaysia and got nothing to do at night? There's no point of doing nothing in your room, just start your engine and head to downtown Jalan Reko - a haven for a wide range of cheap products. You can get almost anything here especially football jerseys.

  • Feng Chia Night Market during Daytime

    written by eyecon on 2009-07-21 #places
    Feng Chia Night Market during Daytime

    That´s right - I went to that area in the daytime, because my wife went to her favorite hairdresser which is located in this area. So, since I don´t have that much hair to cut I took my Yashica T4 instead and went out on the streets....what a nice decision.

  • Hat Yai, Thailand

    written by eva_eva on 2008-09-17 #places
    Hat Yai, Thailand

    Hat Yai is the commercial center of Southern Thailand and a popular weekend destination for visitors from Malaysia. It is located 1300 km from Bangkok and about 50 km from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border. Hat Yai’s particular interest is shopping – driven by Malaysian weekender the market stalls offer virtually everything.

  • Khao San Road, Bangkok

    written by eazy360 on 2008-09-07 #places
    Khao San Road, Bangkok

    At the busy neighborhood of Banglamphu north of the Grand Palace lies the famous backpacker's Mecca: Khao San Road. Chaos is constant in Khao San, a pulsating plethora of multicultural, gastronomical and commercial life... true to the images swirling in my head as I read Alex Garland's cult-classic-turned-blockbuster about a secret paradise with a dark side, called "The Beach" :

  • 72 Hours in Taipei

    written by yuanchin13 on 2011-12-28 #places
    72 Hours in Taipei

    My first trip to Taiwan,Taipei, although bounded by a tight shooting schedule, I had a blast, and it was an eye-opening experience as I got to learn and understand the cultures and lifestyles of the Taiwanese people.

  • Downtown Cheras : A Shopping Haven

    written by analogmonolog on 2011-04-28 #places
    Downtown Cheras : A Shopping Haven

    Looking for cheap items? Why don't you just head on to Downtown Cheras Kuala Lumpur? A night market heaven so unlike others. It offers you a wide range of products and foods.

  • Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City

    written by syyip22 on 2011-01-28 #places
    Hat Yai: Once a Bustling and Lively City

    Hat Yai, a city situated at the southern region of Thailand is connected to the northern states of Malaysia. More than a decade ago, this bustling and lively city used to be well-favored by tourists; with visitors and shoppers from everywhere, but things seemed to have changed through the years.

  • Event: July 4th Rockabilly Night Market

    written by e_ercolini on 2014-06-25 #news
    Event: July 4th Rockabilly Night Market

    Looking for a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July? What better way than with Dances of Vice and Lomography!

  • Tokyo Street: A Unique Night Market Within a Mall

    written by spectre on 2011-12-02 #places
    Tokyo Street: A Unique Night Market Within a Mall

    My Recent night market experiences - Tokyo Style - which is within a famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur.