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  • Happy Accident: Mulitple Exposures with the LC-Wide

    written by lomographysf on 2012-09-27 #gear #tutorials
    Happy Accident: Mulitple Exposures with the LC-Wide

    One of our Gallery Store regulars and Lomographer extraordinaire, Koduckgirl, shares her accidental awesomeness with the LC-Wide and multiple exposure wonder. You can see some of her work upstairs in our "Hella Locals" Gallery Show until the end of September.

  • "Hell on Wheels": New York from the Underground

    written by lomographymagazine on 2017-01-12 #culture #places
    "Hell on Wheels": New York from the Underground

    Swiss photographer Willy Spiller takes us back in a bygone era of the New York subway system.

  • Reykjavik

    written by the_fstops_here on 2008-10-08 #places

    A city of just over 120,000, home to almost half of the population of Iceland, Reykjavik is a modern European city with traditional charm, offering a little of everything to a wandering traveler. The cafes serve wonderful coffee, delicious chocolate cake and cold Viking beer.

  • Khao San Road, Bangkok

    written by eazy360 on 2008-09-07 #places
    Khao San Road, Bangkok

    At the busy neighborhood of Banglamphu north of the Grand Palace lies the famous backpacker's Mecca: Khao San Road. Chaos is constant in Khao San, a pulsating plethora of multicultural, gastronomical and commercial life... true to the images swirling in my head as I read Alex Garland's cult-classic-turned-blockbuster about a secret paradise with a dark side, called "The Beach" :

  • Abstract Amsterdam

    written by didimuir on 2011-09-06 #places
    Abstract Amsterdam

    A week in Amsterdam was enough to convince me of its charming nature as well as its dual personality!

  • Urban Delights: Harold de Puymorin's 'Inception' Series

    written by pippilongstockings on 2013-10-23
    Urban Delights: Harold de Puymorin's 'Inception' Series

    We just can't get enough of crazy, chaotic cities right now it seems, so when we stumbled upon the French street photography specialist - Harold du Puymorin's 'Inception' Series that just exhibited in Hong Kong last week, we were blown away by the sheer impressiveness of the photos and just had to share a few with you!