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  • Goodbye Québec! (Québec city, Canada)

    written by stouf on 2010-05-12 #places
    Goodbye Québec! (Québec city, Canada)

    A post to say goodbye to Québec city. I lived there for about five years and moved recently away. I’m leaving dear friends and a fantastic city behind.

  • US CitySlicker Noé: Lights of Los Angeles

    written by noe_arteaga on 2012-05-30 #videos
    US CitySlicker Noé: Lights of Los Angeles

    For their first task, the US CitySlickers will show us around their towns and cities, documenting their experiences in analogue and telling us stories along the way. Now, let us join Noé as he takes us around town and introduce us to his side of Los Angeles!

  • Market of Bolhão - A Jewel of Porto

    written by kuasimudo on 2009-08-31 #places
    Market of Bolhão - A Jewel of Porto

    The Market of Bolhão is one of the most emblematic markets of Oporto city, classified as Public Interesting Building since 2007. It is a neoclassic construction from 1914, year of it’s inauguration.

  • The As Austin As It Gets Rumble

    written by mmoya on 2012-06-15 #news
    The As Austin As It Gets Rumble

    Lomography and the Downtown Austin Alliance would like to introduce the “As Austin As It Gets” Rumble! A rumble all about Austin, Texas! Check out more information after the jump!

  • Down the Singapore River

    written by dotdotdot on 2010-03-05 #places
    Down the Singapore River

    The mouth of the Singapore River was the old Port of Singapore, being naturally sheltered by the southern islands. Historically, the city of Singapore initially grew around the port so the river mouth became the centre of trade, commerce and finance. To this day, area around the old Singapore River mouth, the Downtown Core, remains the most expensive and economically important piece of land in Singapore. At one time, Singapore River was the very lifeblood of the colony, the trade artery, the center of commercial activity, the heart of entrepot trade, the vessel of importance, the capillaries of life.

  • Hong Kong Central Area

    written by k4ren on 2009-05-05 #places
    Hong Kong Central Area

    The place where you could see most are businesses buildings and a park where all tired traveler could sit in..

  • Union Square, San Francisco, CA

    written by jblaze823 on 2010-12-23 #places
    Union Square, San Francisco, CA

    Union Square is a major tourist attraction in the heart of San Francisco and is a great place to visit on a sunny day in "The City". Whether you're in the mood to go shopping, enjoy the sights or just take photographs with your favorite Lomo camera, this place definitely has something for everyone.

  • Alacatraz (San Francisco, CA)

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-09-08 #places
    Alacatraz (San Francisco, CA)

    Alcatraz is famous for multiple things, but if are lucky enough to visit the island on a nice day, it will become famous to you for a great place to take photos.

  • Vancouver City Centre

    written by deff1 on 2009-03-14 #places
    Vancouver City Centre

    The Different and Inspiring buildings of Vancouver's Downtown. The City of Vancouver is a relatively new city. The architecture of the city center is always changing.

  • Across the Causeway - Downtown Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    written by kiwikoh on 2011-03-04 #places
    Across the Causeway - Downtown Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Johor Bahru - a city located in the southern part of Malaysia. Based on population size, it should be Malaysia's second largest city. I already mentioned Johor Bahru in my previous article, now, what does this city that is just across the water from Singapore have to offer?

  • 17th Street Farmers' Market

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-26 #places
    17th Street Farmers' Market

    How many cities do you know of that have a Farmers’ Market in the middle of downtown? I don’t know of any, but I’m sure there are a few. In the heart of Shockoe Bottom, just off of Main St. sandwiched between 17th and 18th St. is the 17th Street Farmers’ Market. This space has been a public meeting place since 1737 and is one of America’s oldest public markets.

  • Vancouver, Downtown - East Side

    written by poitr on 2008-09-14 #places
    Vancouver, Downtown - East Side

    The Vancouver downtown east side has quite a story and history. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Vancouver, B.C. At the turn of the 20th century, this was the heart of Vancouver (Hastings st. & Main St.) Everything was there, the main library, the banks, City hall, fantastic shopping and even the Wood wards Department Store. The great photographer Fred Herktzog focussed much of his time to this area.

  • Buffalo New York: Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

    written by johnnyq302 on 2011-02-08 #places
    Buffalo New York: Being a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

    So every summer, my husband and I have 3 months off from work and head back to our hometown of Buffalo, NY. By the end of three months, the cash always runs low, so here are a few of the things we did to keep the fun and the stories flowing.

  • Downtown LA

    written by lomocore on 2009-09-21 #places
    Downtown LA

    This place really doesn't get the attention it deserves.

  • Commerce Square

    written by tmmluis on 2008-11-18 #places
    Commerce Square

    The Commerce Square, also known as Palace Square, is one of the most majestic squares of Lisbon. This is where the royal palace stood for over two centuries until 1755, when its was destroyed by the Great Earthquake.

  • DORTMUND from Top to Under the Ground

    written by kleeblatt on 2011-03-22 #places
    DORTMUND from Top to Under the Ground

    Planning to spend some time in Dortmund ? The former "Steel City" is now a good place for shopping and culture. Dortmund has a lot to offer...much more than a hot cup of Starbucks coffee.

  • Main Street Station

    written by plaidleaf on 2009-09-21 #places
    Main Street Station

    Richmond is full of different architectural styles. Quite often you’ll find a historical building directly next to a brand new building, or in the case of Main Street Station you’ll notice that the highway has actually been built around the building! According to www.richmondgov.com, the building was originally built in 1901, and was for the next 74 years a “bustling transportation hub.” However, due to a decrease in passenger rail service, it was closed in 1975. The building remained closed for the next 28 years, and was re-opened in 2003 after years of renovation, and now has limited train service to downtown Richmond.

  • Workshop Highlights: San Francisco Nightscape

    2012-06-15 #news
    Workshop Highlights: San Francisco Nightscape

    Our latest photo walk was a special one, indeed; Aside from being Cinco de Mayo and Children's day, we got to shoot nightscapes under the Super Moon, one of the brightest full moons of the year! Check out our pictures of the photo walk after the jump.

  • Both a Portal and a Destination: LA Union Station

    written by stuckintraffic on 2012-02-01 #places
    Both a Portal and a Destination: LA Union Station

    The Union Station in downtown LA is usually just a place you go to...to go somewhere else. Hundreds of people arriving and leaving, you don't really notice it much outside of its usual purpose: it's just a train station. But here's what I think, it deserves a much-needed second glance.

  • Downtown Seattle

    written by strangelilgirl on 2008-10-29 #places
    Downtown Seattle

    Grunge music, perpetual rain, the foundation of today’s most popular coffee…step foot in downtown Seattle and you’ll find it all, whether it’s coming from the music of street performers, the freshly brewed aromas at Pike Place Market, or the feel of your sweatshirt hood pulled against your face. These are things commonly associated with Seattle, even for people who’ve never been there before. But what I got from visiting this city was more than what could be contained in any amount of cliches combined.

  • Fave Montreal Hangout Bar

    written by brittany on 2011-04-09 #places
    Fave Montreal Hangout Bar

    For all you Montrealers looking for a decent party in the Plateau, look no further than Salon Daomé (141 Mont-Royal). The guest list entrance is only $1, 2 beers for $6 and a steady crowd of dedicated fans of Montreal’s most awesome DJs and killer VJ!

  • The Lonely World of Lomo (downtown of decay)

    written by andrewswift46 on 2010-03-22 #places
    The Lonely World of Lomo (downtown of decay)

    Over the last couple of weeks I ventured through my downtown and beyond searching for perfect places to shoot with this cheap 5 dollar balda i bought. since waking up at 5 a.m. on my days off i get cabin fever in my house so the best medicine for that is Lomography so i ventured out of my house to the desolate part of my town called downtown.

  • PETCO Park (San Diego, CA)

    written by jblaze823 on 2009-11-08 #places
    PETCO Park (San Diego, CA)

    PETCO Park is home to the San Diego Padres baseball team.

  • The Texas Book Festival 2012

    The Texas Book Festival 2012

    “A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.” ― William Styron

  • Downtown Cheras : A Shopping Haven

    written by analogmonolog on 2011-04-28 #places
    Downtown Cheras : A Shopping Haven

    Looking for cheap items? Why don't you just head on to Downtown Cheras Kuala Lumpur? A night market heaven so unlike others. It offers you a wide range of products and foods.

  • Seattle Public Library

    written by jblaze823 on 2010-11-11 #places
    Seattle Public Library

    A strange building with so many unique things to offer, the Seattle Public Library will not disappoint. Curious to see what was inside this odd-shaped building, I entered the Seattle Public Library for the first time and was delighted with what I found. Aside from its immense size, there are all sorts of unique - and functional aspects to this library that are just waiting to be discovered.

  • San Diego: California Sun

    written by megustastu on 2010-08-23 #places
    San Diego: California Sun

    San Diego is not as touristic as Los Angeles or San Francisco but it has its own attractive and enjoyable places to see and activities to do. If you're a beach bum and crave the rays of the sun, head on over here for a great tan!

  • Longhorn Tailgating in Downtown Austin!

    written by megzeazez on 2012-10-17 #places
    Longhorn Tailgating in Downtown Austin!

    You've never really experienced Autumn in Texas until you've gone to a tailgate! This October, I took a Lomowalk around downtown Austin on a cool and overcast Saturday afternoon to enjoy the full UT tailgating experience.

  • Climbing the Giralda Tower in Seville!

    written by carlosbull on 2011-09-20 #places
    Climbing the Giralda Tower in Seville!

    With my Diana Mini, Redscale, and with a tourist's attitude, we're going to visit the Giralda in Seville - and climb to its top! I invite you to discover a piece of Sevilla, one of the most beautiful cities in the south of Spain!

  • Downtown Winston

    written by maddyoulook on 2008-12-10 #places
    Downtown Winston

    My dad lives four hours away from me, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It's pretty down south in the United States, but there's an awesome downtown scene. Whenever I come to visit him, I beg my dad to take me downtown so I can take pictures.