First Shots from a Canon Reflex Zoom 8-2

Early 2011 test roll on a knackered old Canon Reflex Zoom Standard/Double 8mm cine camera, the aperture is seemingly stuck wide open so everything was overexposed. Some nice effects though. Taken in Lincoln and Brighton.

16mm 8 8mm brighton busker canon double lincoln reflex sea seaside standard uk zoom


  1. bendertherobot
    bendertherobot ·

    I love these effects. I m planning to buy 8mm cine camera. but first I bought projecter to watch old 8 mm rolls that i bought from flea market. this 8mm and 16mm experience makes me feel like how I felt when I first started analog photography. I m very excited! are you happy with your canon reflex?

  2. jackpumpkinhead
    jackpumpkinhead ·

    @bendertherobot Thanks a lot for your like and comment, meatbag! that sounds pretty cool, did you know you can get an 8mm silent version of StarWars? Ha! Would love that! Yeah I love my Canon, even if the aperture is stuck wide open. The only thing I would say is that it's quite expensive to get developed, 4 mins of film with developing and scanning cost about £60 as I remember, so it kind of makes me frightened to waste it. But then if the LomoKino is about £17 for 30secs then I guess it's quite analagous (if you forgive the pun).

    (PS kill all humans.)

  3. bendertherobot
    bendertherobot ·

    I didnt know about StarWars but definitely look for it. I m still looking for a nice affordable 8mm camera. Its expensive here too to get developed. they are sending your film to germany to develop.

    PS I support man-machine brotherhood. Wink

  4. ghostblastoise
    ghostblastoise ·

    Everything about this movie is beautiful.