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  • Cabo Espichel (Sesimbra, Portugal)

    written by photohuggers on 2010-06-11 #places
    Cabo Espichel (Sesimbra, Portugal)

    Cabo Espichel is a cape near Sesimbra with breathtaking views of its cliffs and a sanctuary with an unique story. Besides that there are Jurassic dinosaur trackways, a lighthouse and some abandoned facilities.

  • Our Lady of Graces, in Utelle (Vésubie Valley), France

    written by azurblue on 2010-02-22 #places
    Our Lady of Graces, in Utelle (Vésubie Valley), France

    Not far from Nice, perched at an altitude of 1175 metres, visit the sanctuary of Our Lady of Graces.

  • A Salute to the Masters: Photos of Lourdes (A Tribute to Mario Giacomelli)

    written by sirio174 on 2014-05-24
    A Salute to the Masters: Photos of Lourdes (A Tribute to Mario Giacomelli)

    This article is a tribute to a great Italian poet, painter and photographer, Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000). His images are characterized by a strong graphic contrast and are related to suffering and decay in our world. In this article I pay tribute to his photographic series taken at the Sanctuary of Lourdes in France. Read more after the jump!

  • The Land Down Under: Koala Cuddles

    written by lieze on 2013-01-22 #places
    The Land Down Under: Koala Cuddles

    When I went to visit my friend in New Zealand, we also took a trip to Australia. We travelled from Brisbane to Sydney in a little camper. As we drove, we constantly saw these traffic signs warning us that we had to look out for passing kangaroos and koalas. We were really hoping we would see one but when this didn’t happen until we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket.

  • Redwings Rescue Center

    written by rube on 2008-05-09 #places
    Redwings Rescue Center

    Pick a hot, sunny, sweltering day to capture an out-of-place feeling that you are somewhere else than Warwickshire, UK. Shoot the horses, the donkeys, all rescued and who all will capture your heart. Then, move out to the wide, open fields to experience a feeling that you are the only person around in this wide-open space.

  • Fresh from My Darkroom: The Secular Fair in Alzate Brianza

    written by sirio174 on 2014-09-15
    Fresh from My Darkroom: The Secular Fair in Alzate Brianza

    Every year in the beginning of September, a small Italian town situated a few miles from my city of Como hosts an ancient fair dedicated to the Virgin Mary: the Fair of Our Lady of Rogoredo. This series of images fresh from my darkroom was taken using a roll of HP5+ film loaded inside my wonderful Horizon Perfekt.

  • Donkey Sanctuary

    written by janette on 2008-05-09 #places
    Donkey Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary was established in 1987 to provide a safe, permanent home for any donkey in distress or otherwise in need of care and attention. I just love this place, apart from a lot of sad looking donkeys in some fields there's not much else to see, but the donkeys are so lovely and friendly - even though they look melancholic and depressed - and they just love to have their ears and backs scratched. They make this extraordinary "Hee-Haw" noise that guarantees to bring a smile on your face. When the donkeys are hungry they will try to eat anything, Lomo cameras included, if only they could reach them.

  • Santuario Fatima

    written by reyes on 2008-04-27 #places
    Santuario Fatima

    It was May 13th 1917 when the Virgin Mary appeared for the first time to three shepherd children at Cova da Iria, a few kilometers from Fátima. It certainly was a turning point for the small village that nowadays receives more than 7 million visitors every year and it is one the most important religious tourism destinations in the world.