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  • Have You Ever Seen Swimming Nuns?

    written by blackcoffeeandtantrum on 2011-06-26 #places
    Have You Ever Seen Swimming Nuns?

    Nuns at the beach? Seriously? Has the world gone mad?

  • My Lenses' Point of View: Pagudpud and Vigan, Philippines

    written by niguevara on 2010-02-24 #places
    My Lenses' Point of View: Pagudpud and Vigan, Philippines

    3000th Location! Pagudpud and Vigan are some of the famous travel / vacation spots in Ilocos. If you wish wake up with South China Sea on your window of your hotel, Pagudpud will not disappoint you. Or you want to wake up 100 years back to past? Then it's Vigan.

  • NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    written by -alia- on 2011-01-09 #places
    NDSM: Creative Amsterdam

    NDSM is a former shipyard in north Amsterdam and is the center for alternative culture these days. This vast area of 84,000 m2 makes up the NDSM Hall, workshops and artistic studios along with two big dimension cranes and two huge ship slipways.

  • Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    written by neja on 2012-07-25 #places
    Victoria and Alfred Hotel, Cape Town

    A hotel with the best ever view you could possibly ever wish for. While preparing for going to Cape Town, I obviously wanted to stay somewhere with a Table Mountain view. It is called such because of the clouds rolling across the top of the mountain, which looks like a table cloth. A lot of the hotels advertised "partial Table View", but in reality, you would have to hang out by the window with the possibility of a broken neck to see even a glimpse of this majestic mountain.

  • Location of the Week

    written by silvergwen on 2009-05-11 #news
    Location of the Week

    This week's Location of the Week goes to...

  • "Deutsches Museum": The Science & Technology Museum of Munich

    written by vicuna on 2009-06-23 #places
    "Deutsches Museum": The Science & Technology Museum of Munich

    If you come to visit Munich and if you have an open and curious mind about science & technology, you must absolutely plan a visit to the "Deutsches Museum", one of the greatest museum of this kind in Germany

  • Fish and Chips Jazz

    written by webo29 on 2011-01-18 #places
    Fish and Chips Jazz

    What do international jazz artists and fishermen have in common? Ta' Liesse, the south, south eastern side of the peninsula of Valletta has two sides: fish by day, jazz music by night, it's bound to pull the right strings with anyone.

  • Port of Valencia

    written by neja on 2011-12-08 #places
    Port of Valencia

    One of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea. The Port of Valencia is the largest Spanish seaport and one of the largest seaports in the Mediterranean Sea basin. Here, there are 15,000 employees who provide service to more than 7,500 ships every year.

  • Beiramar Ships Waiting …

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-07-23 #places
    Beiramar Ships Waiting …

    This area of the city of Vigo owes his origin to the street that communicates the quarters of O Berbés and Bouzas. His name is “Orillamar“, in Spanish or “Beiramar“ in Galician. If we wanted to translate it into English, it would be something similar to “Bythesea“. It is a route of four rails (two in every sense), which passes parallel to the Ría of Vigo.

  • Victoria's Inner Harbour

    written by dirklancer on 2008-11-06 #places
    Victoria's Inner Harbour

    Even though it's a 1300 km drive from my home, this is the place that I need to go to at least every other year. There's just something in the air and the atmosphere here that relaxes me like no place else.

  • Rhine promenade, Düsseldorf

    written by scorpie on 2009-01-07 #places
    Rhine promenade, Düsseldorf

    If you come to Düsseldorf, you'll probably want to see the Old Town. But when you're already there (and if the weather's only halfway decent) you should go down to the Rhine and stroll down the Rheinuferpromenade (Rhine Embankment Promenade).

  • Secret Place - Sandtorhöft

    written by graefin on 2008-10-03 #places
    Secret Place - Sandtorhöft

    The harbor of Hamburg is a very busy place and I don't mean the ships that sail down the Elbe. I speak of the millions of tourists that pass by the Landungsbrücken everyday; that stroll alongside the most touristic part of the harbor. I love this place because it is never the same and it changes with every ship that enters the harbor.

  • Urban Adventures: The Navy Museum of Constanta

    written by lucretia on 2011-08-12 #places
    Urban Adventures: The Navy Museum of Constanta

    My hometown, Constanta has a rich history and a lot of cool places to visit. As it hosts the biggest port in Romania, Constanta couldn’t do without a place to honor the history of the Romanian Navy. All the local people know about it, but when it comes to tourists, they are bound to miss out on this unique museum.

  • RECAP: Sitting by the Dock of the Bay Meetup

    2011-09-06 #news
    RECAP: Sitting by the Dock of the Bay Meetup

    A group of Lomographers wade through the sea of tourists to uncover the often overlooked, quirky, funny and straight up strange sights and sounds of Fisherman's Wharf.

  • Xihui Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China

    written by breakphreak on 2009-01-12 #places
    Xihui Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China

    Wuxi, the not-so-big metropolitan for Chinese scale (4.5 millions) serves as a strong industrial center and is considered one of the less attractive city among those prosperous, resided on Grand Canal.

  • Hamburg: Dockland

    written by graefin on 2011-06-09 #places
    Hamburg: Dockland

    Hamburg is dominated by water. This is also reflected in the architecture of the city. The latest example: Dockland, the ferry landing of the same name.