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  • Review: Agfa CT Precisa

    written by shuttersentinel17 on 2011-10-31 #gear
    Review: Agfa CT Precisa

    A review on one of the most popular films in Lomography: Agfa CT Precisa. My very first experience with this film was nothing short of pleasant surprises!

  • Concierge Recommends: Macau

    written by tempericarus on 2010-10-11 #places
    Concierge Recommends: Macau

    In each hotel there will always be a trusty concierge that knows about almost everything there is to know about the country. Since this is my profession, here's my take on things to do in Macau. Listen up as I give you the full scoop!

  • Macau's Senado Square

    written by paperplanepilot on 2011-01-04 #places
    Macau's Senado Square

    Macau is more than just casinos and gambling. A part of China and also a former Portuguese colony, Macau has a rich blend of history and culture. Taking a stroll along Senado Square is like taking a walk back in time.

  • Postcards from Asia: Beautiful Snapshots of Asian Towns During the 1950s

    written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-06-29
    Postcards from Asia: Beautiful Snapshots of Asian Towns During the 1950s

    If you've ever been curious about what some Asian towns and cities looked like from several decades ago, we're sure you'll be delighted to browse through a gallery of photos taken by a U.S. Air Force airman during the 1950s, shared by his son on Flickr. Read on to view the photos and find out more!

  • Church-Hopping Around Macau Island

    written by syyip22 on 2010-12-07 #places
    Church-Hopping Around Macau Island

    I'm a free thinker when it comes to religion but has always been obsessed by the craftsmanship of buildings - especially churches. Besides that, I've always been attracted to the holy and tranquil atmosphere inside churches. I always feel calm and peaceful inside as if there's nothing to fear. Therefore, whenever traveling to another country, I always include visiting churches to my itinerary.

  • Leal Senado Square (Macau, China)

    written by bluemie5 on 2009-07-25 #places
    Leal Senado Square (Macau, China)

    The LandMark of Macau! You cant say you've been to Macau, if you were not able to set foot in the famous Senado Square and took a picture with a background of the fountain. All the events and happenings are most likely staged here. Its a historical tourist spot, not to be missed!

  • Beautiful Disasters Captured the Analogue Way with the LC-Wide

    written by slyfox81md on 2013-04-29
    Beautiful Disasters Captured the Analogue Way with the LC-Wide

    Have you ever gone to a trip, took pictures with gusto, then find out that you made a critical mistake when your prints come back? This is what happened when I accidentally left the half-frame mask in my LC-Wide on a recent trip to Hong Kong. The pictures still turned out great... beautiful disasters, in my opinion!

  • Finding Macau’s Spiritual Moments

    written by blowpufferfish on 2010-11-14 #places
    Finding Macau’s Spiritual Moments

    A 3-day trip to the small city of Macau with my Nikon turned out to be an eye-opening experience. With my camera, I was able to capture amazing shots of this multicultural city which doesn't only boasts of great food but a lot of interesting structures as well. Just goes to show how great things can come even from small packages.

  • The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

    written by antibiotyx on 2010-07-30 #places
    The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

    Located on Cotai Strip in Macau, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel is home to Asia’s biggest casino. It is overwhelmingly huge and you really need to use a map if you don’t want to get lost!

  • Macau Tower

    written by antibiotyx on 2010-06-07 #places
    Macau Tower

    Adrenaline junkies will surely heart the Macau Tower! It is a popular place for thrill seekers who want to experience the world’s highest bungee jump, the mast climb, or the Skywalk X.