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  • Ricoh 500 G – Great Design With a Touch of Yesterday

    written by trash-gordon-from-outer-space on 2010-04-03 #gear
    Ricoh 500 G – Great Design With a Touch of Yesterday

    The Ricoh 500 G is probably not very suitable as a point-and-shoot camera but if it's okay for you to take some time to get the adjustments right you will be able to achieve great results.

  • Jacques Cartier Bridge / Pont Jacques-Cartier

    written by cheesegirl on 2009-11-20 #places
    Jacques Cartier Bridge / Pont Jacques-Cartier

    The Jacques Cartier Bridge is a five-lane highway bridge. It crosses the Saint Lawrence River and it connects Montréal Island/Montréal, Québec to Ile-Sainte-Helene and Longueuil, Québec.

  • Crashing and Burning: My Epic Quest for Colored Sparks

    written by math0165 on 2013-06-04
    Crashing and Burning: My Epic Quest for Colored Sparks

    Ever since I shot my first roll of steel wool lightpainting shots, I fell in love with the technique. Hanging out with friends, there's the thrill of doing something your parents would sternly shake their head at. There's this obvious charm about it, I mean, I got a friend who doesn't care for photography at all, yet each time I get the steel wool out, he begs to come along, giving suggestions how the shot could be more epic and stuff like that. After a while though, I got to wondering, could I get something more than just orange sparks?

  • Castelo de Pombal, Portugal

    written by afd_lsi on 2010-05-01 #places
    Castelo de Pombal, Portugal

    Pombal is a small city located in the center of Portugal where you can find a Castle that has a new steel constrution over the old stone.

  • University of Vigo

    written by jaalvarez on 2009-06-04 #places
    University of Vigo

    What can we say about the University? Students come and go, some studying, others ,,, only come and go! Universidad de Vigo is characterized by geographical dispersion of its sites. It has three campuses located in three cities in the south of Galicia: the Campus of Vigo, in part at As Lagoas-Marcosende and partly in the city center (Torrecedeira), Campus of Ourense and Pontevedra (A Xunqueira ).

  • The Red Giants/Ex Fiat Steel Production Plant

    written by champi on 2009-04-03 #places
    The Red Giants/Ex Fiat Steel Production Plant

    The ex Fiat/Teksid steel plate production plants, situated in the northern part of Turin, were definitely closed in 1992 and then partially destroyed. Still standing though are the "red giants", the huge steel columns which were once the structure of the factory.

  • Hamburg: Dockland

    written by graefin on 2011-06-09 #places
    Hamburg: Dockland

    Hamburg is dominated by water. This is also reflected in the architecture of the city. The latest example: Dockland, the ferry landing of the same name.