1. amellina
    amellina ·

    Gorgeous pic under such low light!

  2. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @amellina thanks! I was worried it wouldn't turn out

  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro ·

    thanks for following me. I spent a wonderful month in Ottawa 3 years back

  4. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @lomodesbro my pleasure! glad you enjoyed my hometown :)

  5. rrrrrramon
    rrrrrramon ·

    so good!

  6. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @rrrrrramon thank you!!

  7. therottenrot
    therottenrot ·

    Who's playing fab?

  8. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @therottenrot Washed Out! If you haven't heard of them you should definitely check them out :)

  9. alexcw
    alexcw ·

    This is incredible!!

  10. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @alexcw thanks :)

  11. ssmokingcamera
    ssmokingcamera ·

    i love this!! I can really feel the vibe in the picture. Such a great shot! Like all of your pics!

  12. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @ssmokingcamera thanks I'm glad it came across! Means a lot coming from you, I think you're a phenomenal photographer :)

  13. fabscope
    fabscope ·

    @yogack :D

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