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  • Edvard Munch, The Modern Artist

    written by mapix on 2012-03-16 #news
    Edvard Munch, The Modern Artist

    The popular perception of Munch as a mostly melancholic painter ("The Scream") has changed since the latest exhibition of his photographs at the Schirn in Frankfurt. It sheds a new light on his way of life and work and really new for me was his exploration of photography.

  • A Tourist's Guide to Oslo

    written by llamasoup on 2011-05-05 #places
    A Tourist's Guide to Oslo

    A brilliant sculpture on every street and mind-blowing museums make Oslo a beautiful and historic city to visit. However, how do you afford to see everything that Oslo has to offer, in the most expensive city in the world? Put together by an impoverished student, this guide proves that you can experience the wonders of Oslo without stretching your wallet. Behold the wonders of the Norwegian capital.