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  • Who Let the Dogs Out?

    written by uncle_jay on 2012-04-03 #places
    Who Let the Dogs Out?

    Who would have expected to find a K9 Park on the rooftop of a shopping center? I didn’t. I was just exploring one of the newest shopping centers in Singapore when I discovered this rather unique feature.

  • Urban Adventures in Little India

    written by sheldon on 2012-06-18 #places
    Urban Adventures in Little India

    Little India is located at the Northeastern part of Singapore. As the name suggests, it is named after the Indian immigrants who settled in the area during the early years of Singapore. Now, Little India has developed into a place with lots of Tamil cultural elements. I had the chance to step into the land of Little India and began my night of Lomography adventures.

  • Holiday Traditions: Pongal Festival

    written by coolsigg on 2011-02-11
    Holiday Traditions: Pongal Festival

    Pongal is a harvest festival - the Tamil equivalent of Thanksgiving. Having lived in Singapore my entire life, this is the first time I went to Little India to find out more about Pongal Festival after reading about it in the newspapers.

  • Cultural Corners of Singapore

    written by shutteraddict on 2009-09-04 #places
    Cultural Corners of Singapore

    Singapore being a multi-racial country offers three unique experiences in one day by just visiting the different places located outside the city center. It maybe known as one of the most urbanized city in the world, by but venturing its corners you'll see a different Singapore.

  • The Colors of Little India, Singapore

    written by duringmyheyday on 2012-03-19 #places
    The Colors of Little India, Singapore

    Let yourself get lost in the twists and turns of Little India, which is bursting with colors, ethnic fragrances, and scrumptious street food.

  • Little India at Night, Singapore

    written by hotmailwanderluste on 2009-09-20 #places
    Little India at Night, Singapore

    Day or night, Little India in Singapore is always packed and offers the curious things to look at and lomographers things to shoot at!

  • Little India Captured in Black and White

    written by coolsigg on 2012-04-20 #places
    Little India Captured in Black and White

    Singapore's Little India is a popular tourist attraction. As the name implies, Little India used to be an enclave that has predominant Tamil cultural elements. Read on after the jump to see it in black and white!