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  • Rock Quarry (Nashville, Tn)

    written by styrofoam_boots on 2008-07-28 #places
    Rock Quarry (Nashville, Tn)

    In the seemingly boring, middle-of-nowhere Tennessee, there is a rock company off the interstate and if you sneak past the fences and no trespassing signs, and make it past the driveway you will find the most beautiful quarry you have ever seen. The bluest water in Nashville and huge rock formations to climb and jump off of. Just don't get caught.

  • Nashville Skies

    written by wrenneevans on 2012-10-12 #places
    Nashville Skies

    For fans of a beautiful Tennessee sunset, look no further than the city bridges and garages of Nashville!

  • Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple

    written by styrofoam_boots on 2008-05-09 #places
    Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple

    I recently made a visit to the Sri Ganesha Hindu temple in Nashville, TN and it was quite the experience. The amazing and unique building stands a top a hill off on the side of the road and it is so unlike anything in that area that it is impossible to miss.