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  • Memphis Zoo, Tennessee

    written by liquidpapercut on 2009-02-17 #places
    Memphis Zoo, Tennessee

    You might say that once you've seen one zoo, you've seen them all. But the Memphis Zoo is not like most. Sure, it has the same animals you'd see at any zoo, lions, tigers, and bears. (Oh my!) But, the Memphis Zoo also has the scenery that provides the perfect backdrops for all of your lomo desires. The design of the zoo is like a short trip around the world with various styles of architecture.

  • Exploring Memphis

    written by sarmalkow on 2011-04-29 #places
    Exploring Memphis

    Upon my arrival in Memphis, Tennessee for college, I was surprised at how many interesting sights there are in such a city. Memphis is a decently-sized city with many nooks and crannies.

  • Nashville Skies

    written by wrenneevans on 2012-10-12 #places
    Nashville Skies

    For fans of a beautiful Tennessee sunset, look no further than the city bridges and garages of Nashville!

  • Interview with Michael Aaron Wlliams

    written by memorydusts on 2012-10-25 #videos

    Michael Aaron Williams is a street/fine artist from the States. He's traveled to over 13 countries with his artwork depicting real people, many of whom are street sleepers, in order to open up meaningful conversation between himself, the country's people, and ultimately the homeless children who Williams earnestly portrays with his vulnerable cardboard cutout fixtures.