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  • OOGIE LIFESTORE (Marseille, France)

    written by mayag on 2013-09-19 #places
    OOGIE LIFESTORE (Marseille, France)

    Inspired by the wave of concept store, the "lifestore" ("store life" and small & large needs) is a unique place in the landscape of the local trade. Combining a brewery, shop, gallery, library, and barbershop, there is something for everyone to find at Oogie! We interviewed one of their staff, so read on if you're curious about the answers!

  • Yokozuna Shop in Hamburg

    written by mayag on 2013-08-09 #places
    Yokozuna Shop in Hamburg

    In Yokozuna shop artists can rent shelves, to make their art accessible to the world! In addition we you will find here lots of unique gift items and crazy art products for every occasion. We carry jewellery and shirts for the unique outfits and looks, and of course, Logographers always feel welcome, as we have a wonderful Lomographic selection

  • Arteum Louvre Carrousel - Paris

    written by lomographyfrance on 2013-08-24 #places
    Arteum Louvre Carrousel - Paris

    At the very famous Louvre museum in Paris, you can find the magnificent Arteum gallery store. The products will satisfy everyone there: paintings, art books, design objects, and other lovely things, Lomography cameras for instance!