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  • Architecture in Tel Aviv

    written by ebolatheelectricmonk on 2009-08-02 #places
    Architecture in Tel Aviv

    In an ever changing state, Tel Aviv surprises you at every corner, may it be new exciting architecture or pitiful ruins.

  • Tel-Aviv Beach

    written by breakphreak on 2008-11-10 #places
    Tel-Aviv Beach

    Saturday morning - the right time to invite girls to your newly built sand fortress. Here you are walking on a thin wire, since all of them are already playing around with someone else. But who cares - the old proverb says that there are lost of "fishes" in the sea, so make the dive of your life, just don't forget the sunglasses, the hat and some cold beer - it's Saturday morning, 37 Celsius degrees.

  • Interphoto, Tel-Aviv

    written by mayag on 2013-10-16 #places
    Interphoto, Tel-Aviv

    Interphoto is one of the oldest photo-stores in Tel- Aviv. Our love for photography is what keeps our heart beating and motivates us to deliver the best results for our costumers. We develop films (C-41 and B&W) , scan and print up to very large sizes, and sell all sort of photography equipment .

  • Third Lomographic Meeting Israel

    written by sumsi on 2009-08-26 #news
    Third Lomographic Meeting Israel

    Israel is an ideal country for lomographers, since most of the days are sunny and Tel-Aviv has a plenty of labs that sell and process all kinds of films. Lomography Isreal therefore plans workshops regularly.

  • Nina Kravitz (UQ // Rekids) Party by N-Factorial // Tel-Aviv

    written by sumsi on 2010-03-02 #news
    Nina Kravitz (UQ // Rekids) Party by N-Factorial // Tel-Aviv

    You Don't Know Me But I Know You – The first (and biggest) event of a special kind that embraces nightlife, music and lomography altogether and stronger then ever!

  • Plazmalab, Tel-Aviv

    written by mayag on 2013-10-25 #places
    Plazmalab, Tel-Aviv

    Plazmalab is a digital design fashion studio. We create our own unique clothing style and design. It is all originally created, sewn and prototyped in our laboratory. The prints are original artworks made by amazing in-house artists and various international talents. Plazmalab specializes in digital design and futuristic styling. We mix urban and digital culture to thread our own style of high quality clothing that is both comfortable and cutting edge. Every t-shirt print has been crafted in our studio and is an original artwork inspired from the things we love.