the goal and the forgotten ball vol 2

this roll is really a surprise package! the senisa is expired in 1999. i still have about 50 rolls of this and already shot some of them but didn´t get such weird results. one shot is very grainy and looks like being from the 50s. others came out greenish. others seem to be normal - considering the very difficult light conditions with the snowstorm. i admit that 2 or 3 shot here that are greenish came out that way because of the scan-frame. the software chose the wrong frame and that made them green - i guess due to the software measuring light. almost no shot looking like the other. btw: the nightshots from yesterdays album are from the same roll. but maybe it´s really only the light though because the lubitel shots that i uploaded last week have about the same style.

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  1. jarvislomo
    jarvislomo ·

    wow this is great!

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