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  • The Grace of Miradouro da Graça (Lisboa, Portugal)

    written by photohuggers on 2010-07-06 #places
    The Grace of Miradouro da Graça (Lisboa, Portugal)

    Miradouro da Graça is a popular sightseeing place in Lisbon both for tourists and locals, where you can lay back and enjoy the sun and the views. Miradouro da Graça is a rather well know sightseeing point in Lisbon, frequented by both locals and tourists.

  • North Duisburg Landscape Park

    written by morning-rain on 2010-11-12 #places
    North Duisburg Landscape Park

    In the past, many people worked hard at the metallurgical plant that was built in this place. Today you can spend many days here doing fun activities or just relaxing. Let me show you a glimpse of what's in store at the North Duisburg Landscape Park.

  • Santa Cruz - The top of Oran

    written by wil6ka on 2009-01-05 #places
    Santa Cruz - The top of Oran

    Algeria has always been a pinball between the empires of Europe and Africa. The powers changed every once in a while and left traces of their rule in form of bricks. The Spanish also had their share of the Algerian Soil.

  • Devils Dyke, Sussex

    written by lukaaus on 2011-04-08 #places
    Devils Dyke, Sussex

    Just outside the town of Brighton is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The Downs. Part of this area is made up of the Devils Dyke, a large V-shaped valley that slices through the hills.