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  • LomoReporter: BRIGHT Tradeshow, Analogue Thoughts

    written by alina_lakitsch on 2013-02-08 #news
    LomoReporter: BRIGHT Tradeshow, Analogue Thoughts

    This is my experience as BRIGHTHunter, after winning a competition organized by Lamonomagazine and BRIGHT Tradeshow, through which I traveled to Berlin. I was only in for 4 days, but seemed it had been weeks. Although those days I barely slept, it was one of the best things that happened to me in life. I could discover a new world, meet wonderful people, make friends and fall in love - just a little. So, I take this space to share my experience and I leave you with some pictures of the highlights of the event, which are worth a thousand words. Enjoy!