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  • The Lomography World Photo Caterpillar

    written by tomas_bates on 2013-03-11 #videos #news
    The Lomography World Photo Caterpillar

    Want to take part in an amazing Lomographic experiment? On March 23rd, we will be creating a Photo Caterpillar at Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide. Not sure what a Photo Caterpillar is? Slide your way past the jump to get the full details and see an example!

  • The Lomo-Caterpillar

    written by lomographysf on 2013-03-01 #news

    Be a part of the Lomo-Caterpillar, a human chain of snapshots!

  • Take part in the Worldwide Lomo Caterpillar Video!

    written by hannah_brown on 2013-03-04 #videos #news
    Take part in the Worldwide Lomo Caterpillar Video!

    Lomography is organising the world’s largest analogue Lomo-caterpillar stop motion video made up of hundreds of photographs. We’ll be shooting from all of our LGS stores around the world, and this includes LONDON! We need YOU GUYS to be the stars! Just come along the Soho Store on March 23rd at 3pm and you could star in this huge analogue adventure. Find out more details right here…

  • Workshop: Lomography Caterpillar!

    written by lomographynyc on 2013-03-04 #news
    Workshop: Lomography Caterpillar!

    We are inviting the New York City Lomography community to come out and help us create the very first Lomography Caterpillar made in the United States! Other cities around the world have created some pretty sweet Lomography Caterpillars and now its our time to show them what New York City has to offer.