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Tag: web series

  • Reviews the Belair X 6-12

    written by bohlera on 2013-01-23 #videos #gear Reviews the Belair X 6-12

    Since premiered two new episodes last week, we're already up to episode four of this new web show focused around the joys of analogue photography. This week's episode is a review of our new Belair X6-12 camera! Watch it after the jump!

  • Stuck in a Rut? has a Challenge to Get Your Juices Flowing

    written by bohlera on 2013-01-16 #videos #gear #tutorials
    Stuck in a Rut? has a Challenge to Get Your Juices Flowing

    Focusing on all aspects of analogue photography, the new web show premiered last week. The third installment is aimed at anyone having trouble finding the motivation to go out and shoot. You're not alone. And here is a fun way to get excited about taking your camera for a walk.

  • Continues: Praktica Versus Soviet Rifle

    written by bohlera on 2013-01-16 #videos Continues: Praktica Versus Soviet Rifle, the new web show focused on analogue photography premiered last week. Today, new episodes are ready for your viewing pleasure, showing off some of the fun people can have with analogue cameras.

  • Behind the Scenes of

    written by bohlera on 2013-02-11 #videos
    Behind the Scenes of

    During the last few weeks, we brought the new web series to you. Made in Portland, Oregon by Nate Matos and Ben Davis, the series focuses on all aspects of analogue photography. Since they took a week off last week after producing the next episodes, we used the opportunity to ask them some questions about them and their project.

  • Goes Thrift Shopping

    written by bohlera on 2013-01-31 #videos #gear Goes Thrift Shopping is out with a new episode. Episode five is the first installment of Thrift Stories. A segment Nate and Ben will come back to from time to time where they explore the wonders of the thrift store! In this episode they do a blind test and purchase the most interesting camera they can find inside of Portland's largest Goodwill!