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  • Rush Creek Trail

    written by kdstevens on 2009-09-17 #places
    Rush Creek Trail

    Rush Creek Trail is really just a dusty old fire road that skirts a tidal marsh. It’s flat and at about 4 miles to the end and back is popular for beginning cyclists, joggers, and families out for a stroll with their dogs. Because of it's open vistas and wildlife; It's also great for photographers.

  • Badoca Safari Park

    written by bongofury on 2010-03-10 #places
    Badoca Safari Park

    Experience the adventure of safari and mingle closely with zebras, giraffes, orixes, wildebeest and many other species in full freedom

  • Optic Matters: The Power of Telephoto

    written by jillytanrad on 2013-07-17 #gear #tutorials
    Optic Matters: The Power of Telephoto

    When taking photos, the type of lens you use is crucial to the results you want to produce. This is why photographers use certain lenses for portraits, capturing immense landscapes, making miniature objects seem larger than life, or photographing distant subjects in intricate detail. And to bring a distant subject seemingly “closer” to you, a telephoto lens is the weapon of choice.

  • The Zoo Negara, Malaysia

    written by eva_eva on 2009-08-15 #places
    The Zoo Negara, Malaysia

    The Zoo Negara, once set in virgin jungle, now stands like an oasis amidst a concrete jungle.