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  • Hoodoos?

    written by dirklancer on 2010-11-21 #places

    Unusual rock formations are always appealing to me and my camera arsenal. Join me as I check out the Hoodoos! They rise out of the canyon walls all around the Drumheller valley; giant mushroom pillars of rock clinging to the flaky clay slopes. They are a magnet for tourists with expensive cameras and spoiled children.

  • Secondhand Love Affair: Vintage School Maps

    written by stratski on 2012-02-27
    Secondhand Love Affair: Vintage School Maps

    These days, iPads Apps and Google Maps may have entered the school classes to teach kids geography. But once, this was taught with the help of lovely big maps.

  • The Sea of Galilee

    written by jogintas on 2009-08-13 #places
    The Sea of Galilee

    The lowest freshwater lake in Earth has a lot to offer: strong both - in religion and nature...

  • Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa)

    written by grad on 2008-08-14 #places
    Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa)

    Republic of Bashkortostan is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). It is located between the Volga river and the Ural Mountains. Its capital is Ufa.