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  • Glamour of the Gods: An Exhibition

    written by webo29 on 2011-06-29 #news
    Glamour of the Gods: An Exhibition

    A celebration of Hollywood portraiture of the period spanning 1920 to 1960. Career-defining images of Hollywood's greatest names.

  • Ensign Bellows Camera

    written by dogtanian on 2010-10-17 #gear
    Ensign Bellows Camera

    I don't really know much about this camera, I tried doing a bit of research about it but came up with not a lot about this camera and a whole lot about other ensign cameras, it was made by the ensign company which started production of cameras in 1905 after many years of producing optical glass etc. as far as i can gather/guess this camera started production in the late 1920's.

  • London Documented from 1920 - 1933

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-09-18 #news

    Peer into London's pier and other sights during the first half of the 20th Century. The collection of black and whites you'll soon witness is by George Davison Reid, a man with a vision to document life in London.

  • Throwback Thursday: 1920s London

    written by geegraphy on 2013-05-30
    Throwback Thursday: 1920s London

    This week’s Throwback Thursday feature goes all the way back to the Roaring Twenties again as restored colour footage of 1920s London made rounds online earlier this month.

  • History in Report Cards

    written by jeanmendoza on 2011-09-22
    History in Report Cards

    In 1996, Paul Lukas found hundreds of report cards dating back from 1910 to the 1930’s. These interesting cards contained personal data and comments from teachers at Manhattan Trade School for Girls, a vocational institution. The cards turned out to be a treasure trove of the girls’ stories that allows us a glimpse of life back in the day.

  • Analogue Events: A Different History of Photography

    written by webo29 on 2011-12-16 #news
    Analogue Events: A Different History of Photography

    The Swiss Foundation for Photography (Fotostiftung Schweiz) is marking its fortieth anniversary by presenting a fresh take on Swiss photography. The jubilee exhibition focuses on a selection of photobooks that have influenced photography in Switzerland since the late 1920s.