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  • In Focus: Diana F+

    written by cheeo on 2014-05-13
    In Focus: Diana F+

    If there’s just one word to describe the experience when shooting with the Diana F+ camera, our best bet would be “dreamy.” Meet the analogue rock star of a queen, Lomography’s very own Diana F+.

  • In Focus: Lomo LC-A+

    written by cheeo on 2014-06-03
    In Focus: Lomo LC-A+

    Do you know how you can turn a classic into a true icon? Reinvent, rebuild, and revamp it while keeping true to its origins; just like the way Lomography developed the LC-A+.

  • In Focus: Lomography x Zenit Petzval Art Lens

    written by cheeo on 2014-06-17
    In Focus: Lomography x Zenit Petzval Art Lens

    Revamping the classic design of the Petzval Lens born in Vienna, Lomography has indeed gone beyond what is needed to bring analogue shooters and filmmakers a one-of-a-kind lens in the new Petzval Art Lens. Read on to find out more about this high-quality lens after the jump.

  • In Focus: La Sardina

    written by cheeo on 2014-05-20
    In Focus: La Sardina

    From humble beginnings as a simple sardine-shaped camera to exquisite photos for the adventurer who wish to sail the analogue seas, the La Sardina can compete with any stylish analogue shooter with ease!

  • In Focus: Sprocket Rocket

    written by cheeo on 2014-06-24
    In Focus: Sprocket Rocket

    Take your analogue adventures to new heights with the Lomography Sprocket Rocket and enjoy stunning panoramas complete with sprocket holes in 35mm film.

  • In Focus: Lubitel 166+

    written by cheeo on 2014-07-15
    In Focus: Lubitel 166+

    Peer into the waist-level viewfinder of the Lomo Lubitel 166+ and get hooked with its undeniable analogue charm.

  • In Focus: Belair X 6-12

    written by cheeo on 2014-07-01
    In Focus: Belair X 6-12

    Prepare for liftoff! The Lomography Belair X 6-12 cameras are here to take you on a jet setting tour of the most amazing analogue scenes on 120 film!

  • In Focus: Oktomat

    written by cheeo on 2014-07-22
    In Focus: Oktomat

    Unleash this multi-lens shooter on your next Lomowalk and be blown away with its 8 perfectly sliced frames in one shot!

  • In Focus: Supersampler

    written by cheeo on 2014-07-08
    In Focus: Supersampler

    What does it take to be hailed as the “Queen of all Multi-Lens Cameras?” Find out in this instalment of In Focus!

  • Drowning Art by Alexander James

    written by natalieachao on 2014-06-19
    Drowning Art by Alexander James

    Hauntingly breathtaking, contemporary artist Alexander James' underwater photographs were shot in Russia when the artist slept next to a tank filled with 200 tons of water, asking random strangers to be the subjects of his piece.