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  • Austin - The Most Austin-tatious City in the World.

    written by gvelasco on 2010-11-05 #places
    Austin - The Most Austin-tatious City in the World.

    The official slogan for my fair city is "Keep Austin weird." And, this city lives up to that slogan. Home to politicians, students, computer geeks, musicians, cowboys, hippies, nature lovers, and various other trouble makers, this city has something for everyone.

  • Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa

    written by -a-l-b-e-r-t-o- on 2009-01-26 #places
    Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa

    The Carnival is arriving…Welcome to Rio, la Cidade Maravilhosa, where seven millions of Cariocas live crowed with the best urban panorama of the world on the background, between the ocean and the rain forest. Cariocas pursue pleasure more than any people in the world. Joie de vivre , music, dance.

  • Tomas Morato

    written by halfawakehaiku on 2009-01-12 #places
    Tomas Morato

    Italian? American? Chinese or Mediterranean? German or Japanese? Name the gastronomic delight of your fancy and chances are, this short strip in Quezon City will probably have something to sate your desires. Be it formal, casual or even romantic, Tomas Morato St. will definitely cater to you.

  • Enjoy the Passion of Salsa Bar in Seoul

    written by seikanah on 2011-08-16 #places
    Enjoy the Passion of Salsa Bar in Seoul

    You'll be surprised to see a lot of Salsa mania in Seoul. Usually participating in Salsa clubs, Salsa lovers visit Salsa bars during weekends to lighten the stress of weekdays. To the Salsa beginner's eyes, such as me, Salsa is an art lead by male & expressed fully by female. Thus, all the partners enjoy the dance with charm and passion.

  • T-Bar

    written by lomography on 2008-12-23 #places

    This bar is located in an ex tea warehouse off the great eastern road. Cool late night bar with fashionable, sexy, young and probably rich east London kids that are just cool in fact this bar is so cool that it might not be around by the time what I write goes to print. It might be too 2007 by then