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  • The Petting Zoo (and Getting Licked by a Pig!)

    written by hanspan on 2009-08-22 #places
    The Petting Zoo (and Getting Licked by a Pig!)

    Please do not feed the animals! Animals May Bite! Small and friendly, full of charismatic charm and abundant with sounds of laughter and animals. This is such an ideal location to visit for a few hours out, and an experience that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city away from arrogant pigs of people.

  • Citypark – Griftpark, Utrecht

    written by miss_maha on 2011-05-10 #places
    Citypark – Griftpark, Utrecht

    Utrecht is a wonderful city with enough things to see and do. But if you get tired from walking along the waterways running through the city, the busy shopping streets or sightseeing, you should take a break in a lovely park called het Griftpark.

  • Zoomars Petting Zoo

    written by lomosexual_manboy on 2009-10-05 #places
    Zoomars Petting Zoo

    The best thing about Zoomars is that almost all of the animals are donated or rescued. Many of the animals at Zoomars could have faced being cooped up in a small cage or even being put to sleep, but instead they get lo live a lavish life of treats and attention.

  • Apple Picking Getaway in Upstate NY

    written by roses_are_red on 2011-11-17 #places
    Apple Picking Getaway in Upstate NY

    Fall for NYers, a getaway trip for some apple pickin'!