2nd film of the holidays with a borrowed cam

I borrowed this cam from our holiday flat's owner, it used to belong to his daddy and surely hasn't been used for a while. It's an interesting Pseudo-TLR, somehow a combination of a box camera and a TLR. Didn't know it before, but I really like how "old" the pics look! :)


  1. bobby_sekeris
    bobby_sekeris ·

    Great album! the photo's indeed look wonderfully old, love it!

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Interesting camera & results. I believe the same camera was also sold in USA in 1950s-as Sears 'Tower 14'.

  3. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    @alex34: Thank you! Yeah, the Sears cam seems to be the same.

  4. thejomi
    thejomi ·

    ist sie in deinen Besitz übergegangen? :-)

  5. marcel2cv
    marcel2cv ·

    @thejomi: Nee, ich hatte bei Ebay mal geschaut, und die letzten sind alle so für um die 20€ weggegangen, dafür wollte ich ihm nicht die Kamera von seinem Papa abschwatzen. Aber vielleicht hol ich mir mal ne eigene. Mal schauen.

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