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  • Smena 8M Has Me Satisfied

    written by orlando_a on 2009-06-08 #gear
    Smena 8M Has Me Satisfied

    I finally found the camera I've always wanted––I just didn't know it was the CMEHA 8M. It has the balance of control and lack of control that I want. And the details are charming.

  • SMENA 8M

    written by bongofury on 2011-06-18 #gear
    SMENA 8M

    So, I grabbed my tools and tried to fix the Smena. Smena 8M was my first Lomographic camera and I still love it like in the first day.

  • Prague Flea Market

    written by tachauch on 2012-02-28 #places
    Prague Flea Market

    Do you like to buy cheap Russian cameras? Then the Prague Flea Market is perfect for you! By the way, you can take beautiful pictures of people and old-fashioned stuff here too!