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  • A Lomo LC-A Love – The "Dirk" Collection

    written by lomodirk on 2009-06-09 #news
    A Lomo LC-A Love – The "Dirk" Collection

    Oh man, I really feel some kind of a freak, 7 working LC-A`s and one in parts...I just had to count them and there are only 4 LC-A`s, one "+" and a LC-M. Ok, you got me, another LC-A is at my girlfriend`s house.

  • Voigtländer V200: Attention, Please!

    written by wil6ka on 2012-01-19 #gear
    Voigtländer V200: Attention, Please!

    Color negative film often doesn’t appeal to me. There seem to be endless variation and colours are not as reliable as slide film, and cross processing it is basically not an option. But it is the variety, that makes analogue photography ever exciting and the Voigtländer V200 is a choice that catches more of my attention lately!