Old tracks that separate Campus Avenue from Sultana avenue.

Silvermax developer. These tracks also divide residential from commercial property.


  1. heliosstardeath
    heliosstardeath ·

    no comments on this one? Wow, this photo is amazing, the composition is beautiful I like how the mountains are this grey almost no contrast background and the foreground has intense contrast. I like that rollei superpan 200 as well. I've shot some stuff on it and the blacks come very deep.

  2. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    @heliosstardeath This commercial area has re-tooled to new environmental standards, and as a result doesn't seem to need as an extensive need for railroad cars on call. This is the western most region of the Sunkist orange processing facility. It used to flash pasteurize orange juice for distribution, but doesn't seem to do that anymore.

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