Me and Brandon's first trip to Joshua Tree National Park this year. We were checking out the good spots for the upcoming meteor shower. And so I can practice on my startrail shots :)


  1. popcoleproductions
    popcoleproductions ·

    These shots are awesome!

  2. filby
    filby ·

    How long is the exposure for this one? great set, by the way!

  3. ceduxi0n
    ceduxi0n ·

    @popcoleproductions - thank you so much!
    @filby - Thanks, dude :) I just set my LC-A+ up on a tripod with a cable release and it did most the work :P The shutter was open for about 30 minutes. It was pitch black except for the campfire, which illuminated the rocks.

  4. aprilrich427
    aprilrich427 ·


  5. dabai
    dabai ·


  6. chilledgreen
    chilledgreen ·


  7. nasih
    nasih ·

    Oh God that's amazing !

  8. mercrid
    mercrid ·

    Great shot. I was wondering how you were lighting the rocks in the foreground. Campfire! Perfect.

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