EBS first attempt

usually I do not upload photos I do not really like. This is an exception because this experiment was really challenging and I feel every shot deserves some attention :-)))
Here is the tipster by @hodachrome www.lomography.com/magazine/tipster/2013/01/14/tipster-how-…
the first and better part here www.lomography.com/homes/maria_vlachou/albums/2044245-split…


  1. atropaworkshop
    atropaworkshop ·


  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    cool results!

  3. yago56
    yago56 ·

    Great set (Y)

  4. pryashnik
    pryashnik ·

    Flag of Ukraine :)

  5. stacy_mcpommes
    stacy_mcpommes ·

    I thought the same @pryashnik ;)
    I love the yellow and the boat in this shot @maria_vlachou - I don't think this is a bad result at all!

  6. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    I liked the results!

  7. swordsplay
    swordsplay ·

    is that what ru calling a bad photo?

  8. vanessadolcevita
    vanessadolcevita ·

    WOW! complimenti, l'album è fantastico <3

  9. candeeland
    candeeland ·

    Wohoo, this one is really great!

  10. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    I think they all deserve attention as well they are ALL very cool!

  11. theblues
    theblues ·

    great idea!!!

  12. laureanopm
    laureanopm ·

    So beautiful

  13. adako
    adako ·

    i have no idea; how did you do?

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