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  • Regrettably Tacky Celebrity Photos

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-07-19 #news #people
    Regrettably Tacky Celebrity Photos

    Eric Bana with a single red daisy in front of his face. Sarah Jessica Parker in gym clothes plus a misplaced Perrier bottle. David Duchovny in shiny leggings on a disco ball. Christina Ricci emerging from a space egg. Here's a gallery of cringe-worthy celeb photos from the '80s and '90s. Posing and styling lessons learned, hopefully!

  • The Most Iconic Hairstyles

    written by denisesanjose on 2012-06-13
    The Most Iconic Hairstyles

    The Iconic 110 Cameras mini-series is your guide to finding the perfect compact camera to use the new Orca B&W Film with! Since we're on the topic of iconic imagery, we're sharing this gallery of the 10 most iconic celebrity coiffures. From the Beatles' mop tops to Brigitte Bardot's bedroom hair, we're sure you've aspired for 'dos like this!