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  • Diamond Head Lighthouse

    written by dearjme on 2012-07-17 #places
    Diamond Head Lighthouse

    For some reason, lighthouses are just simply beautiful. Perhaps it's due to the significance behind a beacon of light or perhaps, it's the sheer size and shape that just sticks out from its surroundings. Diamond Head Lighthouse is no exception.

  • Diamond Head Beach

    written by dearjme on 2012-06-22 #places
    Diamond Head Beach

    Spending free time at the beach is always a great option in Hawaii. Diamond Head Beach is one of the best beaches on the south shore to explore and take photos.

  • The Mystérieuse Movies of Georges Méliès

    written by soundfoodaround on 2012-02-07
    The Mystérieuse Movies of Georges Méliès

    Rolling heads, disappearing persons, horrified expressions from grainy black and white characters with heavy makeup and thick, twirled, moustaches. Makes you nervous, no? Well, don't be! These shorts are comically mysterious, featuring major comic stars of the times and are historical artifacts, all of them directed by the great Georges Méliès!

  • LomoKino Presents: Join the Circus!

    written by soundfoodaround on 2011-11-24
    LomoKino Presents: Join the Circus!

    There's something about the circus, the many pop-up funfairs and amusement parks that fascinate and entrance all ages as well as beckon spectators, and implant dreams from early childhood on, to join the team despite any hardships of being a performer! Step right up to watch these LomoKino movies that vividly express this desire!