Imitating the Russian Soldier of Lomography #1

Maya is using my father's precious Zenit E. He bought it before I was born in 1970 from Romania when he was PhD student in France during a car trip from France to the middle East !! my dear father, whom I failed to teach how to use digital cameras, is still convinced that the rendering of the Zenit pictures is better than of the modern SLRs !


  1. sunseya
    sunseya ·

    Bellissima! :)

  2. niharika
    niharika ·

    love the hat :)

  3. mczoum
    mczoum ·

    Thanks a lot everyone!! I always wanted to make a portrait with this hat , so the Russian soldier from the famous Lomo poster came first to my mind and tought it goes well with my father’s Zenit that he baught from Romania in 1969! I had this hat in the wonderful city Berlin in 2004 as a souvenir of my very long walk along the famous wall (something I have always wanted to do because of its history).. I got it from a vendor on the sidewalk (there is many) near the Charlie Checkpoint, so think of it when you visit the place anytime in the future !

  4. paulabridi
    paulabridi ·

    Beautiful portrait and beautiful history behind it. :)

  5. mczoum
    mczoum ·

    Thank you!

  6. basstah
    basstah ·

    Some of the Zenit lenses are very good indeed, they was based on Carl Zeiss Jena famous lens like Sonnar, Biotar etc. and that lenses still kick ass!

  7. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    i want that hat...:)

  8. amogh
    amogh ·


  9. bendertherobot
    bendertherobot ·

    I ve started to analog with lubitel and right after that I bought a zenit 12xp after many years and many cameras I still use zenit.

  10. stw
    stw ·


  11. boooooo
    boooooo ·

    cool beauty!

  12. alfater
    alfater ·


  13. buckshot
    buckshot ·


  14. lucicj
    lucicj ·

    Great pic! and indeed the Zenit is a popular camera in Romania where I am from.. unfortunately I don't have one but maybe I'll buy a new one from Lomography in the future :)

  15. ining
    ining ·


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