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  • What Lies Beneath the Fog: Revisiting Ngong Ping Village and the Big Buddha

    written by paperplanepilot on 2011-01-14 #places
    What Lies Beneath the Fog: Revisiting Ngong Ping Village and the Big Buddha

    This Lomo location has been featured before but a veil of thick fog was covering it. Thankfully it was quite sunny during my trip so I was able to get a good look - and lots of lomographs of this popular tourist destination in Hong Kong.

  • Wat Borommaracha Kanchanapisek Anusorn/Nonthaburi

    written by hhjm on 2010-03-08 #places
    Wat Borommaracha Kanchanapisek Anusorn/Nonthaburi

    Architecture is a Chinese style. The Chinese church ministry has built a temple to Honour the 50th Enthronement of King Bhumipol, The King of Thailand. And to set his Buddhist school for study of novice and monk.

  • Mu Ryang Sa Temple

    written by neanderthalis on 2012-11-30 #places
    Mu Ryang Sa Temple

    Tucked at the back of Palolo Valley lies a Korean Buddhist temple steeped in culture, complete with beautiful architecture and statues.

  • Climb to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep!

    written by fixou on 2011-09-17 #places
    Climb to the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep!

    This amazing temple above Chiang Mai, Thailand, has the triple advantage to offer you a great motorbike or bike ride to go and witness an amazing view of the entire region, and a beautiful, golden Buddhist temple!

  • Phreaky Essays: Because Of The Snow!

    written by breakphreak on 2009-01-15 #news
    Phreaky Essays: Because Of The Snow!

    You are reading right: We've even tried to buy some old Chinese Red Army jackets in the local outlet store. We wanted to be very prepared for the well-forgotten kind of weather. We wanted to see the snow. Not one that holds on mount Hermon in Israel for

  • Byodo-in Temple, Hawaii

    written by neanderthalis on 2012-11-22 #places
    Byodo-in Temple, Hawaii

    A temple to commemorate 100 years of Japanese presence in Hawaii.

  • Temple on Bright Hill

    written by bao_wei on 2012-01-25 #places
    Temple on Bright Hill

    I love shooting in places of Chinese culture, one of my favourite places is a temple located at Sin Ming Avenue. The name of the temple is Bright Hill Temple (Kong Meng San Phor Kark), located at 88, Bright Hill Drive. Bright Hill Temple is the largest Buddhist monastery in Singapore, built in the 1920s by the late Venerable Zhuan Dao, a response of him, which is providing a proper accommodation for monks as the assistance of their practicing of Dharma without disturbance.

  • Global Vipassana Pagoda - Mumbai

    written by prao06 on 2011-03-03 #places
    Global Vipassana Pagoda - Mumbai

    The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a short drive (1 hour) from the intensely packed Mumbai. You can also choose to go there by catching a ferry over the Gorai Khadi at Borivli. It is a great place to have a relaxed evening.

  • The Longmen Grottoes, China

    written by breakphreak on 2009-01-06 #places
    The Longmen Grottoes, China

    China has several major Grottoes-related historical sites, such as Yungang Caves in Shanxi, Mogao Caves in Gansu and Longmen Caves in Henan. The first site is already lomo-covered, the second resides in the north of China, having very unattractive weather in December for the warm hamsters like us, so here is the review about the third.

  • Phreaky Essays: Datong - Buddhist Caves, Hanging Monasteries and New Friends

    written by breakphreak on 2009-01-11 #news
    Phreaky Essays: Datong - Buddhist Caves, Hanging Monasteries and New Friends

    After the big crowded Beijing (and we've liked it) we've jumped on a 4-hours train to the small town, named Datong. We've took the simplest hard seat tickets and tried to communicate with the other passengers as much as we can with nearly zero vocabulary (still succeeded to learn some Chinese card game that should be played very fast).