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  • Hilltops Above Kaka'ako

    written by dearjme on 2012-07-06 #places
    Hilltops Above Kaka'ako

    Ever wanted to feel on top of the world? Well, I've found the best getaway with the most fantastic scenery - on top of the gigantic hill in Kaka'ako Waterfront Beach Park. Thanks to Lomography, this awesome community, and the film bug, I'm constantly on the lookout for new, unexpected hidden gems around Hawaii to write new location articles for!

  • Kaka'ako Beach Park: An Industrial Beauty

    written by dearjme on 2012-06-05 #places
    Kaka'ako Beach Park: An Industrial Beauty

    Kaka'ako Beach Park is not your ordinary beach. It's set in an industrial area, with no sand, and looks out right next to a medical school and shipping vessels. However, it's one of my favorite places to be at - the contrast between city and nature is simply breathtaking.