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  • Nosotros Project in Argentina

    written by projeto_nosotros on 2012-05-03 #videos #places
    Nosotros Project in Argentina

    The Nosotros Project continues with its journey of searching for urban, young, and contemporary culture throughout Latin America. Inside our bag is a Holga BC 135 and a Supersampler making analog recordings of this trip. See what they discovered throughout Argentina in three cities: Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, and Mendoza.

  • Nosotros Project in Uruguay

    written by projeto_nosotros on 2012-05-02 #places
    Nosotros Project in Uruguay

    The Nosotros Project is a journey across Latin America to meet and interview young artists from the continent. During this trip we had our Supersampler and Holga BC 135 to document each place in a unique way. Our first stop was in Uruguay, and here's what our analog cameras shot.