Şıra The Cat, The Cat Of Our Lives

She is the most reasonable individual in our house. Also I think she has played a very significant role in my life. She’s a little selfish and not a lap cat but we accepted her as she is. She'll be gone by soon from our lives but the important thing is we've touched each others lives. We are glad to meet her. / I have done this serial with being unaware of it. In this past 6 to 10 months, "lost" has found me. I wonder if could what lost is become old? I have no idea. Could what was photographed, what stayed in picture get lost from someone's life?... In a way, these photos found each other. Also in one sense, those shots took photography of me. I'm lucky that the light found its way to illuminate these beings, that I was able to record, save and keep their visual reflections as well. It's a blessing to save what has lost. These are the photos of things that I didn't lose but I was on the verge of losing when they had been taken. Some of them are already gone, some just come within an inch of being gone. To the memories I'm on the verge of! Cheers! #cat #animals #carpet #bohemian #persian #red #green

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