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  • Dumpster diving with Lomo.

    written by abcdefuck on 2009-05-21 #news
    Dumpster diving with Lomo.

    Dumpster diving is the practice of looking for something to eat in trash of supermarkets. I did it, it was great and i did't forget my LC-A and Fisheye.

  • The Great Sardina Treasure Hunt!

    written by lgsmanchester on 2012-08-21 #news
    The Great Sardina Treasure Hunt!

    At Lomography Gallery Store Manchester! For the last workshop of the month we’re going to do something a little different. Head down to the store to pick up your Snap Map and hunt down all the clues, once you’ve snapped all the items on the map, bring your film back to the store and we’ll process it for you- best pictures win a prize!