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  • Minolta X-300: A Beautiful Analogue SLR

    written by legamin on 2012-05-17 #people #gear
    Minolta X-300: A Beautiful Analogue SLR

    The Minolta X-300 is an SLR built in the eighties. Six months ago, I bought the camera from a guy who's a professional photographer who ownes a photo shop. Although I am just a beginner, I really like this camera and so I will share my experience with this beauty.

  • Malaysia Welcomes the Undead

    written by jasonskung on 2013-04-09 #news
    Malaysia Welcomes the Undead

    Lights, Camera Action! Roger Christian, the art director of “Star Wars”, has listed Malaysia as the filming location for his upcoming zombie film. What does he have in mind? Find out after the jump!