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  • Lose Yourself Rumble

    written by fritssi on 2012-03-26 #news
    Lose Yourself Rumble

    It's great to get lost in something; a book, hobby, passion, sport, you name it and you can easily find yourself running around in the things you love. And that's exactly what we want you to do with this rumble! After part one - A Facebook Giveaway, it is now time for the follow up. Enter it with your pictures and maybe you'll be featured in Lost & Found magazine!

  • Lose Yourself Rumble Winners Announcement

    written by mrmaart on 2012-04-28 #news
    Lose Yourself Rumble Winners Announcement

    With almost over a thousand submissions for the lose yourself photo’s the competition was fierce! So many beautiful pictures, and all of them with a unique story. This doesn’t make picking the winner an easy task. However, we’ve finally managed to select the winning team.