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  • Plompetorengracht in Utrecht

    written by mephisto19 on 2010-11-19 #places
    Plompetorengracht in Utrecht

    Just a gracht like any other - or an unassuming place to take amazing photographs? No matter how many times I pass by this place, it never ceases to inspire me to take at least a photograph or two with whatever film camera I have with me that day. Here's my collection of photographs from one of my favorite spots in the city.

  • Amsterdam, the Water City

    written by -alia- on 2011-07-12 #places
    Amsterdam, the Water City

    What’s the essence of a country? What’s the feeling that you get from a land? What defines city flavour? What remains in your memory when you leave a certain place? What’s Tipish Nederlandese about Amsterdam? If there's one thing that best characterizes it, it has to be without a doubt, the canals. The canal system running through the city resembling blood veins and giving it life.