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  • Multiple Exposures with Flowers!

    written by hodachrome on 2012-11-11 #gear #tutorials
    Multiple Exposures with Flowers!

    The Multiple Exposure (MX) technique is one method to create some of the most unique photos know to Lomographers! We all love MX, but what are the techniques? Flowers are my favorite subject for MX. I often mix them with landscapes, old factories, trees and so on. Now, let's take a look at how we can create those wonderful images!

  • Easy DIY Redscale Film

    written by hodachrome on 2013-02-27 #gear #tutorials
    Easy DIY Redscale Film

    No redscale film on your stock? No worries, EBS master Hodaka Yamamoto a.k.a. hodachrome prepared a quick and simple tipster for you to make your very own redscale film with just four items.

  • Change Your World by Changing Your Angle!

    written by hodachrome on 2013-04-20 #gear #tutorials
    Change Your World by Changing Your Angle!

    What kind of angle do you usually use to shoot your shots? I do understand that everyone uses different camera angles due to the subject one likes to capture. However, what I always try to do when I shoot is to have a low angle. When you hold your camera and shoot with the low angle, you can definitely gain a different result on your film! You can change your world by changing your angle!